How Can You Style a Tailored Corduroy Blazer for Autumn Business Casual?

When it comes to a classic, chic, and versatile wardrobe staple, few pieces can outmatch the tailored corduroy blazer. From boardroom meetings to casual Fridays, and from parent-teacher meetings to Sunday brunches; you’ll find this piece of timeless elegance can complement your autumn wardrobe in ways you’ve never imagined before. This article will guide you through five different ways you can style a tailored corduroy blazer for an autumn business casual look.

The Classic Monochrome Look

Starting off with a classic – the monochrome look. This style plays with different shades of the same color to create a seamless, chic look. It’s about creating a subtle contrast without the stark difference of color-blocking.

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Imagine you’ve chosen an earthy brown corduroy blazer. You can pair it with a lighter shade of brown blouse or turtleneck and a pair of matching trousers. Here, the different shades of the same color create depth and interest, while maintaining a professional tone. For your feet, you could opt for brown or nude heels and complete the look with a statement handbag. Jewelry should be minimal and classy; perhaps a pair of gold or pearl earrings and a thin chain necklace.

Layering with Love

Layering is a skill, but once mastered, can radically elevate your style – especially during autumn. Layering your corduroy blazer is a fantastic way to bring dimension and texture to your outfit.

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You can start with a basic white blouse or a lightweight turtleneck sweater. Then, add your corduroy blazer on top. Depending on the temperature and the formality of the occasion, you can add a long, elegant coat. Consider a scarf for extra warmth and a pop of color. A pair of tailored pants and ankle boots will finish off this layered look perfectly. Layering not only adds visual interest to your outfit but also allows flexibility as temperatures change throughout the day.

Embracing the Denim

Who says you can’t mix textures in a business casual outfit? Pairing your corduroy blazer with denim is a great way to add a casual touch to your look without straying too far from the professional realm.

Opt for a pair of straight-leg or skinny dark denim jeans. Pair these with a white button-down shirt tucked in, and layer your tailored corduroy blazer on top. This look is balanced, stylish, and professional, with a touch of creative flair. A pair of black ankle boots or heels and a structured handbag will complete this ensemble seamlessly.

The Power of Accessorizing

Never underestimate the power of accessories in transforming your look. With the right accessories, your tailored corduroy blazer can become a powerful element of your autumn business casual wardrobe.

Consider pairing your blazer with a chic belt. This can be worn over the blazer to cinch in your waist and add a flattering silhouette. Opt for a scarf in a contrasting color or pattern to add a pop of interest to your outfit. A statement necklace can bring a touch of elegance to a simple blouse and blazer combo. Remember, with accessories, the key is balance. If you’re wearing a bold necklace, keep your earrings minimal and vice versa.

Mixing it Up with Patterns

Last but not least, don’t shy away from patterns. Incorporating patterns into your outfit adds a fun and dynamic element to your look.

Pair your corduroy blazer with a subtly patterned blouse or a striped turtleneck. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even opt for patterned pants. However, make sure to balance out your patterned piece with solid colors to avoid overpowering the look. For instance, if you opt for a patterned blouse, pair it with solid-colored pants and your blazer. Break up the pattern with a solid scarf or belt to keep the look cohesive.

With these style tips at your disposal, we’re confident you’ll be able to style your tailored corduroy blazer in creative, chic, and professional ways this autumn. Remember, fashion is a form of self-expression, so don’t be afraid to experiment and make these looks your own.

The Versatility of Pairing with Skirts

Incorporating a tailored corduroy blazer with a skirt can add an element of sophistication and elegance to your autumn business casual look. This combination is not only versatile but also offers a unique fusion of formal and casual elements.

Start with a pencil skirt in a solid color or subtle print. A midi length skirt offers a balanced, professional appearance that pairs well with the texture of a corduroy blazer. Opt for colors like navy, black, gray, or dark green. Pair the skirt with a simple, fitted blouse in a neutral color. A cream or ivory blouse, for instance, can create a beautiful contrast with the darker skirt and blazer.

Next, layer your corduroy blazer over your blouse. Consider a blazer in a warm autumn shade like burnt orange, burgundy, or deep brown. The rich texture of corduroy combined with these cozy colors will add an undeniable autumn vibe to your outfit.

Footwear is crucial in this look. Choose a pair of heels or ankle boots in a color that complements your outfit. Don’t forget the accessories. A long, delicate necklace and a pair of stud earrings can add the perfect finishing touch.

The Trend of Pairing with Wide Leg Pants

Wide-leg pants are a timeless trend that can be smartly coupled with a tailored corduroy blazer for an autumn business casual ensemble. This pairing not only exudes a relaxed, comfortable vibe but also keeps you stylish and office-ready.

Choose a pair of high-waisted wide-leg pants in a neutral shade or an autumnal color such as olive green or dark teal. Pair these pants with a simple, fitted top. A turtleneck or a button-down blouse would work perfectly. Opt for a top in a contrasting color to make your outfit pop.

Add your corduroy blazer in a color that complements your pants and top. A tailored fit will keep the look professional while the corduroy texture adds a casual, autumn touch.

When it comes to footwear, opt for loafers or block heels that match your ensemble’s color palette. Accessorize with a chunky watch and a few simple rings for that polished look.


In conclusion, a tailored corduroy blazer is an extremely versatile piece that can be styled in several different ways for an autumn business casual look. Whether you’re layering it over a blouse and adding a statement belt, pairing it with denim for a mix of textures, or combining it with a skirt or wide-leg pants for a sophisticated look, this wardrobe staple offers endless opportunities for fashion expression. The key is to balance colors, patterns, and accessories to create a cohesive and professional look. With these styling tips at your disposal, you’re well on your way to making the most of your tailored corduroy blazer this autumn season.

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